Pnina Tornai is known as one of the leading designers in New York for bridal wear and evening gowns. 
For the last decade Pnina Tornai has developed a unique and genuine design
of corsets that have the construction of the original corsets and the look of what
woman dream of wearing today. Pnina Tornai inserts in each of her bridal wear and evening 
gowns one of those special corsets that give the body a perfect form. Her dresses are handmade 
and sewn in accordance with the principles of Haute Couture. The materials used for each of 
Pnina Tornai's gowns are of first grade. Her line varies from classic and neat cuts to 
sophisticated hand embroidered gowns. The decorations used on each creation are genuine 
Swarowski crystals and stones. Pnina Tornai believes in creating her gowns through personal 
contact with her customers which inspires her and allows her to create the perfect match for each 
personality and occasion. In the last few years Pnina has expanded her showrooms to New York and Athens.
 Pnina is famous for her long lasting relationship with some of the top celebrities in New York, 
among which are singers, actors and other artists, who use Pnina to design and create their performance gowns.
פנינה טורנה